A Lame Introduction

Me and this guy share a brain, I’m telling you.

At one or several points in our lives, every human being has asked, “Why am I here?”. Maybe it was in a bloody trench during World War I, maybe it was during the middle of an earthquake, maybe it was every single second you spent in high school, but somewhere down the road we’ve all asked ourselves this question. Even the cavemen and cavewomen asked it I bet, probably as a response to witnessing their family members defecate in the corner. Maybe when asking you took a philosophical approach, and asked yourself about why you are here on earth thinking this, and not some fly buzzing around the local garbage dump. For a question thats answer seems obvious, it sure has a lot of people baffled at times.

So, in case you were wondering, I am writing this to an answer the question of why I am here. More specifically, here on WordPress.com.

It’s not like I’m this fabulous person who wants to blog all the adventures they’ve had across the world–harboring some strange desire to tell people about the time I caught malaria in Lebanon or ate what I thought (and wished later) was chicken in Nepal–I’m just some person, who has an odd tendency to write down strange things, so she can attempt to get some sort of grip on her mind.

Because, DonDaDaDon!…I have depression.

And this isn’t going to be some sort of thing where I post poetry about cutting myself and talk about how it’s all my parents’ fault. This is a place where I can try and get some perspective on the whole “life” thing without scarring my parents, freaking out my friends, paying 20 bucks to my therapist, or sugar-coating the things that are the most real to me.

So, in this site I am calling all disgruntled teenagers, all heart-broken depressants, and all the people bored enough to actually read this to read and comment and rant and ponder with me about some of this crap. Because even though I’m just some person, I know that in some way all of us are looking for answers and just finding more questions in life. If you want to try with me to understand some of those things, or just want to read about someone weird to feel more normal, then by all means keep reading…


About diagnosemylife

Okay, if I can't keep all this stuff about my life in my head, how do you expect me to shove it in this little box?

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