Battle of The Bad Days

Do you ever have those days where you pull a 180, where your whole day gets turned around from one thing (craptastic) to another (ballin’)? That was yesterday for me, and it gives me hope that I’ll be able to do this every day I feel under the depression spell.

So it wasn’t all bad at first, went to work and eventually my friend showed up, so I had company while suffering from the boredom. However, so did my ex-boyfriend (because we all work together…yeah, I should have thought that through more) which gave my stomach a huge jerk to the bottom of my toes.

There he was. That person of the male species that I had once considered with a fond heart. And there I was, with nothing to look forward to but a night of essay writing and feeling like the old gum on the bottom of some truck driver’s shoe. It didn’t exactly lift my spirits. Plus one of my friends who I was supposed to hang out with that night bailed on me. Honestly, I spent a fair amount of time writing “FML” on the bottom of several styrofoam cups.

So then I went home. And just as I was about to get out of the car, my phone rings with a call from Ruth. Turns out, the tattoo parlor we had been discussing earlier was having a ten-dollar piercing day. Hmmm…..

So hours and hours later, I had this fantastic hole in my body that would surely turn my Dad into the Hulk. But I felt amazing. Yeah, okay, I nearly passed out, but I didn’t shed a single tear, didn’t scream and didn’t try to chicken out. I was like a warrior…voluntarily letting some lady named Kadesh stick a needle in one of the most predominant muscles in my body.

Hell yeah!!!!

From there I sat in Ruth’s room sucking on ice cubes and checking out my piercing. And from there, Ruth and I saw Brendan, and hung out with him. And, I know this is getting repetitive but keep listening, from there we went to Wally World and got me the essentials for cleaning said piercing. And then after Ruth off, Brendan and I went to his place and hung out on his trampoline. That lasted fifteen minutes tops, and we took off to go to another friend’s house. And there, we met up with this other friend who I have trouble not flirting with.

Long boring story short, everyone (except people’s parents) thought my piercing was cool, and so did I. And I went home feeling great that night, going to sleep and waking up at 1:29 am to a call from Brendan saying that this flirtingness was not one-sided and that this guy was interested in me!

And then I totally passed out and went back to sleep.

But man, did it feel good to watch Scary Movie with my hooligan friends and have adrenaline and pride from my piercing pumping through my veins. I felt great, so great! And for the first time in a week or two, had something to look forward about.


1. Showing all of my friends my piercing and doing the happy dance because I finally got it after five months of yearning.

2. Where this thing with one of my friends was going (!!!).

3. And honestly, the stuff that was there before that I felt too shitty to acknowledge. I have a lot of things to be happy about, and now I feel like I have the confidence to live up to them.

So, anyway, by this post I’m challenging whoever reads it (yeah, you’re screwed) to turn around their shitty days. You don’t have to run off and get a crazy piercing like I did, but maybe just spending some time doing something nice for yourself. Curl up with your favorite movie (*vomiting from the cheesy wording of that*), take a walk with your dog/cat?/reptile?/lion or just get your nails done with the girls. Whatever floats your boat. It can be really hard not to throw yourself a pity party sometimes, but changing the theme to something good (like celebrating another hole in your body) is a lot easier than trying to suck it up. Give yourself reasons to be happy, act on happiness, and embrace the unknown future.

And yeah, who knows, maybe later today I’ll be feeling back to where I was in the landfill of crap, but that will never take away last night’s happiness. I’ll be able to look back on that and know that I am officially badass. And that knowledge will never make me sad.

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