Finding Your Happy Reasons

Today is going to be a great day.

#1. So far I have succeeded in filling my laziness quota for today.

#2. I have to work. Which doesn’t sound fun, but it should be pretty busy so it’ll go by faster and I get paid! So, whoo!

#3. My friend Brendan is throwing a surprise birthday party for a mutual friend tonight, so there will be lots of friends and hopefully fun as well. My boyfriend might be going too, if he doesn’t have to work, and that would be so great to let him meet all of said fabulous friends (plus a few exes that get to see what they missed out on, but honestly that’s not very important).

#4. I am going to dress up a bit for this party because I feel like looking good along with feeling good!

I’m starting to feel really good about things lately. I got into the college of my choice, and the program I want to base my career off of, I bought myself a snazzy new dress last week, I have taken care of a traffic ticket that was looming over my head, I got paid last night, and I only have three months left of school before I graduate! My shrink and I agree that I’ve got a pretty good perspective on life right now.

If this attitude holds up into spring and the beginning of summer, I’m hoping I can drop down a dosage in Prozac.

Someday I really hope to be medicine free again.

I’m just going to enjoy now for right now, though. The future sounds exciting and bright, but I might as well enjoy high school while I can. I’ve auditioned for the spring play, promised a friend that I’d go to the winter school dance with her (it’s her first year at this school), and actually worked up the guts to ask my boyfriend if he’d go to my school’s prom, even though it’s pretty lame. I’m excited!

Sometimes when you are having a hard time thinking about all the good things you have in life, you have to step up and make your own reasons. Isn’t that good practice for the rest of your life anyway? To go after what makes you happy, no matter what has happened in the past?

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Okay, if I can't keep all this stuff about my life in my head, how do you expect me to shove it in this little box?

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