Graduation: Let’s Get This Over With

I graduate high school tomorrow. Time to get sentimental, right?

Nah. It’s just another ceremony to sit through, really. What I’m super pumped about is to stop caring about that place I went to nearly every day for four years. To stop caring completely. Once and for all. No. Caring. Whatsoever. FUCK YES!!

See, there’s a lot of stupid stuff that goes along with graduating high school, nowadays. There’s a bunch of mandatory practices, BBQs, breakfasts, photos, awards ceremonies/senior send-offs, etc. Then you graduate, and if you haven’t already, have some sort of family shin-dig to attend so relatives can give you money and advice (that part is actually not too bad). After graduation, life is a list of parties to attend, Thank-You notes to write, certificates to put in a box somewhere. You have to make your hair look nice for far too many occasions than what poofy, large hair can handle.

In the scheme of things, I suppose none of that matters much either (except the money…unfortunately, money means the world in these future-decisions). There’s still a whole summer to see friends, and prepare for college. What I’m a little hung up on is the possibility of my boyfriend not being able to make my graduation.

I know. The guy wasn’t the one who did it by my side, or raised me to do it, or was even in my life for three years of high school…so why is it so important that he be there? Well, besides my parents who will be there no matter what, and my friends who will be in their caps and gowns a few feet away, most everyone I see every day or so will already be there. And I don’t know…ever since this guy and I started out I’ve pictured it this way. Going to prom, check. Seeing my play, check. Planning out a fantastic summer, check. So naturally, I could already see him standing at my side after the whole charade was over, to let me hug him and be happy, and for him to be happy with me.

It’s his stupid work’s fault. He manages a certain, unnamed fast food restaurant, that just happens to have a big sale thing tomorrow. And they are trying to make him work, even though he has asked off. It makes me nervous, and inclined to burn the whole place down.

I guess I just want him in this memory a lot. Even if we don’t end up in some nursing home together some day, he’s a very big part of my life right now, and I want to remember that.

Alas, though, this graduation will go on no matter what. And if my first act as a graduate is to drive a few towns over to a place that smells like salt and grease, then damn, I will do it! The older I get, the more I understand how you end up doing strange things to be with people you love.

(Oh, and I’m proud of myself…I forgot to mention that bullshit.)


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