The Adult Life…Sorta.

Is it just me, or is everyone getting married, having babies, or turning 21? Even though I’m about to embark onto an adventure into the college world, I know I’m still a little rookie compared to all these people who surround me, and it while I’m not ready to get married or have babies yet (heck no!) I’m ready to be playing in the big leagues finally! I want to shed my reckless teenager shell (that sometimes feels like a cage) and evolve into a young woman ready to conquer the world! (Or at least the collegiate world.)

Yesterday I went to a wedding for one of my coworkers. I was really surprised and happy that he invited me, and while I at first felt a little out of place I ended up having a great time! See, I planned on going with my boyfriend, since he was also invited and my coworker likes to ask me about him a lot. So I asked him a week or maybe two in advance if he’d be willing to come with me to this wedding, and he says sure. Yay! A person to dance with at the reception, roller skate with after the ceremony (it was at the roller rink where we work), and admire me in my dress when he thinks I’m not looking 🙂 . The night before, I texted said boyfriend, reminding him of the wedding… (I think you know where this is going…).

He had to work.

I was irritated, a tad pissed even. He did, however, send me an apology that was sincere because he knew it was important to me (and because if I wanted to I could kick his skinny little ass if I wanted to, not that I ever would). So I put on my brave face and went solo. And guess what? I did get noticed in my dress. This guy, Steven started chatting me up early, and ended up protecting me on the rink (although when I did finally fall, it was a ten year old that helped me up). Good ol’ Steve wasn’t too bad, I’ll admit, but I’m one of those people who a) are taken, and b) know within the first ten minutes of talking to someone if I find them appealing (sorry Steve). But he was a pretty nice guy, even if his flattery was a tad much, so I hung out with him anyway. Just to make sure he wouldn’t try to pull a fast one, though, I ended up picking up a few of my other coworkers to come to the reception with me. Good decision. Jake and ExBoyfriend#2 were in the mood to party, so we grabbed this other kid Mikey and busted a move on the dance floor after dinner. Steven was nowhere to be seen, so #2 stole me away on the slow songs.

It was great! Mikey was actually an expert at most of the old-school dance moves, and after all there was cake, so how could the night go wrong? Steven ended up finding me halfway through the dancing, and I did indulge him with a few slow dances, but the guys did a great job of making him feel included into our group, so during the fast songs it was one big circle. Steve ended up telling me how dancing with all of us made his night, and I felt happy to make him happier, especially after the last slow dance when he told me he was going through a rough time because of the loss of his mom. The night had to end, however, and eventually Jake, #2, and I said our goodbyes and left.

So did I wish my boyfriend could have gone with me? Yes. But I ended up having such a great time that it didn’t even matter. Being mad didn’t matter. Because in the end I still love him, and he is lucky to have me, haha! But really, dancing with Steven and my ex boyfriend made me realize how special my sometimes irresponsible boyfriend is. So, maybe in the end I did a little more growing up that night than I realized…after all, staying mad may be easier, but my boyfriend isn’t in control of what kind of night I’m having: I am. Therefore, the adult realization is clear to just forgive that silly boy and go on with life, because I am the one who is in charge of my happiness, no matter if I’m single or taken!

If only I could be of legal drinking age though…. 🙂 .

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