Meanwhile, In College…

So this is college. Here’s how life stands, as of now:

     I’m at my campus job, just sitting in the copying center. It’s 8:44am, which means I had to wake up at 7 even though my first class isn’t until noon. I didn’t have time to brush my teeth yesterday morning or this morning, and it’s only a mouthful of Listerine that is keeping me from knocking people over with my morning breath. I’m wearing no makeup, which isn’t a shock because I normally am too lazy to fiddle with mascara or eyeliner, but I’m not up to my usual standard of outfits–today just wearing a tank top and cargos–which would be okay except that my college campus is full of Barbie’s, that have stealing away the longing glances of most of the hot guys, leaving me feeling like I look like Pig Pen off of the Charlie Brown cartoons. None of this really matters because I have a terrific boyfriend, but he’s not here to tell me I’m gorgeous, and I’m having trouble stepping up to the plate myself.

     Meanwhile, in my classes, I’m either committed to learning, or frankly, not. Philosophy and my human behavioral science class are easy and interesting enough, but French and journalism are boring and in the case of French, difficult. Where’s all the culture, all the new opportunities at learning things I never had access to before? In those two classes I feel as if my brain is rolling over, playing dead.

     But, I’m hanging on. I do like my job, my roommate, and get to see my boyfriend in 8 days. And yesterday I did something completely foreign with my friend Caitlin and ran three miles around campus and the local park. Three miles is a really big deal for me because I suck at running and therefore do not run very often or very long. But I did it, and later today I will probably hate my life while I’m going it a second time, too. But it will be worth it. After all, last night I celebrated my run by taking a delicious shower and getting hot wings and cinnamon bread with Caitlin, and it was really fun, even though I fell asleep while we were watching her favorite TV show and felt like I was going to puke during most of my shower. Oh well, though. If this running thing does what she says it does, I’ll lose some fat in exchange for muscle, my heart will be in better shape, and I’ll feel like a champ everyday when I’m able to run a little longer and faster. So what’s not to like, because the actual running part?

     I’ll figure this out. Even though I don’t have many friends here, and je ne parle pas trés bien français, it’ll get better with time. Even if it takes work…

     Ugh, I’d rather be sleeping.

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Okay, if I can't keep all this stuff about my life in my head, how do you expect me to shove it in this little box?

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