Ho-Ho-Hopeless At Decisions!

Hello all! Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, atheism, or something else this holiday season, I hope you are all having a lovely time and aren’t pulling your hair out from exposure to family, or hitting your head against the wall at Toys R’ Us, or having car troubles out in the chilly weather. I mean, I don’t know about you, but this is one of my favorite times of year. I LOVE getting people stuff! I feel like now is the time to show everyone in my life how much I love them and appreciate them…so by the time January comes around, I’m always flat broke. If I could, I’d give everyone the world. But for now “the world” has to be $20 or under if I still want to buy gas.

Anyway, an update on my not-so-jolly post from last time–I haven’t done anything harmful since! I’m feeling loads better than I was, and am throughly enjoying catching up with old friends, my mom, and movies I never have time to watch during the school semester. I’ve even been more timely with my Christmas shopping and wrapping this year (I’ve got a pretty regular habit of wrapping Christmas morning/Christmas eve, and I’m not even going to delve into the subject of the IOU’s I handed out last year…). I am slacking a bit on my goal to read more during the break, but I’m going to go easy on myself and get through the holidays first.

An update on my crazy social life: my recent boyfriend is now my recent ex boyfriend. The night I got home from school he decided to dump me because he couldn’t “tough it out until Saturday”. Wow, what a royal waste of time you turned out to be. Anyway, so he made a fool out of me…Merry Christmas to me! There is a bright side, though. The guy I had been heartbroken over before/during this two-week lapse of judgement of a relationship and I were reunited. We have decided that while the reasons we broke up are still valid (i.e. the distance between us while I’m at school, the need to work on certain things within ourselves) we still want to spend this time together while we can. And guess what, as soon as I saw this guy in person again I forgot all about that asshole who dumped me. Because it was just as I knew all along: I still loved this guy, and I always would. Just to make this whole paragraph less confusing–this asshole I will call Jack (as in ass) and I were in a two-week relationship after I broke up with my boyfriend of a year. Then just as the pain of this breakup hit me, Jack decided he could do better with someone more close to home. So, I walked away from that relationship the same way I entered it–wanting my relationship with my boyfriend of a year to be fixed. I’ve already decided that without jerks like Jack, I would never appreciate how wonderful this other guy is and I should be thankful that they have steered me in the right direction.

Right, enough of that. So this all goes toward asking you readers a question. See, before Jack dumped me, I bought him a Christmas present. It came in the mail a few days after. Now I’m wondering what to do with it. Because like I explained, I love giving presents and am all about the Christmas/holiday spirit. But on the other hand, it’s not like Jack deserves a present. So I need your advice…what do I do with it?

I’ll be checking in to see what you guys say, so please feel free to vote or comment!! I am in need of opinions!! Also, if I don’t post between now and whatever holiday/non-holiday you celebrate, happy [insert-your-respective-holiday-or-something-else-here]!

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