Reality Blows/Reality’s Blows

Reality is catching up with me. My beautiful fantasy of a winter break is fading fast with every hour I feel alone or out-of-place at school, and I’m desperately  trying to hang onto all of the confidence and hope it gave me. I don’t have the constant entertainment of my friends or the stomach full of laughter, and instead find myself walking alone in the chilly weather, watching life instead of living it. The mornings I would wake up to see my boyfriend lying asleep so peacefully have stayed at home, and here at school I have to substitute such moments for texts, short phone calls, and the occasional Snapchat. Every day passes by so meaningless, and I struggle to find purpose in myself here.

Basically, things aren’t going as well as I’d hoped.

“I think we need to reevaluate again,” my roommate said to me. “Reevaluate what?” I asked, but I had a sinking feeling that I knew exactly where this conversation was headed. “You. I mean, have you met anyone new?” “Yeah…” I swallowed quickly, “Yes! Yes I have!” I struggled to think of someone I could name…but I couldn’t. Finally I said, “I’m fine, okay? I’m fine.” She raised her eyebrows, “Okaayyy….” She didn’t really believe me.0fd4714c4faead097ea6c3612bf3a659 I quickly gathered my things and rushed off to dinner, all the way across campus. I didn’t mind walking in the cold, but according to my roommate, that was crazy, which is how we got on the topic of the reevaluation business. We have have this conversation before…(I said I was hanging out with Caitlin) “Don’t you have any other friends?” (I said I wasn’t going out on Friday night) “I think you need to meet more people.” (I explained I was at a meeting) “You joined something? Wow…who knew?”. It was all out of good intentions, but insulting on a whole. One time I asked her, “You think I’m a loser, don’t you?” “No! No I don’t…” She trailed off and looked guilty. “Yes, yes you do,” I told her. She apologized, and I said it was fine, I didn’t care. But you never forget that stuff. When you are alone and feel bad about it, those memories crop up and you can’t even talk to someone about how hurt you are.

Anyway, I got there yesterday, calling my mom in tears. She really understands how hard it is for me, how hard I try to feel good about myself and how shy I am. She knows how much I love my boyfriend and hard it is for me to miss him AND be mostly friend-less. But in a way that made me more sad because that’s just one more person I love who is out of reach. She gave me good advice, though. To try to ignore my roommate, to be happy I am such good friends with Caitlin, to be more involved in organizations so being busy can take my mind off of missing my boyfriend, just lots of stuff like that. She said she was the same way when she was my age, which I’ve known for some time. I’ve always been shy and always will be, like her. Not that I blame her, of course. She has always been my role model.


So I’m going to try to make the best of this week. On Friday I’ll go back home and visit my boyfriend, and tomorrow I have my feminist union meeting, and maybe I’ll try to have dinner with Caitlin sometime this week. I Skyped my boyfriend last night, so maybe I’ll Skype my friends sometime when I need a bit of cheering up, too.

One other thing. I’m going to take my medicine again. I haven’t told anyone, but I stopped taking it when last semester ended. It’s been about a month, and I think if I hadn’t moved into a new dorm this semester and was still in the same dorm as Caitlin I wouldn’t think about taking it again. I know it’s slightly dangerous for me to just stop taking it like that…I’ve done it before and had some serious mental breakdowns…but I want to reach a time where I can go maybe a year without the medication. Someday…

Over the weekend I did have some fun, by the way. A few girls from last semester’s French class and I went out to dinner at a pub downtown and then to a drag show! I was really excited, and even put a little makeup on before I went out, but then while I was walking to the pub: BAM!! I tripped on my shoelace and hit my head on the concrete sidewalk. It was dark, cold, and the only people around were two guys I could see up ahead. I felt a huge knot on my temple and from the shock of it all, started crying and tying up my shoes. Eventually those guys came up to me and asked if I was all right, but I waved them off. I didn’t want to, I wanted someone to pick me up and tell me it was going to be okay, but I was embarrassed at my tears and walked around lost and looking for that freaking pub. Anyway, I finally got there, still all shook up, and when I explained what happened I started crying all over again. Stupid, stupid, stupid…. They said very nice things and asked how my Christmas break was, but I was still mortified and my mind kept coming up blank when they asked about things. I couldn’t hear very well over the TVs and music, either, and so the first half of dinner I just wished I was back in my dorm watching Mad Men (my new obsession). But then it got better. We went to a different place for hot tea, and on the walk over I was able to open up a bit more. Walking and talking one-on-one is where I really feel comfortable, I’ve realized. Then there was the drag show—it was so funny! I won’t go too in-depth, but I will say it was comforting to be in an environment where people didn’t give a damn about sexuality or orientation, gender roles, and whether or not people were looking when they were dancing all up on the queens.

The bump on my head has gone, but there’s a scrape and tenderness, in case you were wondering. I guess to wrap up this post I’ll just say that I hope my loneliness fades as quickly as my recent head injury, haha. I’m going to do my best to remain optimistic, too. It’s all I can do.



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