Lessons From My Pathetic Life

Oh college life… Where you can see red solo cups on the sidewalks of frat houses on campus, where eating cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is acceptable, and you constantly hear horror stories about homework assignments, sex, and what-i-do-meme-collegedrunken weekends. It’s a good life and a strange one. Everyone is either super busy or super lazy, and no one wants to grow up after they turn 21. It’s a culture in its own, one where it is okay to be young and reckless as long as you show up to class and don’t do it in the dorms. I love college. I don’t want to leave college. But at the same time, things get old.

Dining hall food can get a little gross after a while (as with all food), 90% frat guys are pigs (as much as I am against stereotyping, this one is mostly true), classes are stressful, dorm life can be noisy and annoying, you miss your dogs/cats/whatever pets you had at home, and you’ve got 4+ years of it to look forward to.

Take my whole napping problem. Everyday I take a nap. Sometimes two. Sometimes three. For hours I will nap and nap, because now that I am in college and have breaks in between classes I can nap away the emotional toll of 8am classes everyday. In high school, I could only take one nap after school, and sometimes if I had to work that night I couldn’t even get my nap in. So college is great. Welllllll…… See, my friend Caitlin knows about my chronic napping. And while she always shook her head, she never actually suggested it was a problem until now. Everyday I wake up looking forward to my naps. After every class, I nap. Sometimes I nap after I nap, back-to-back napping. It is what I do, it is how I survive. Naturally, I have trouble getting to sleep at night since I’m getting so much during the day, but if I stay up late then I have to fight the urge in nap during class, which I do not want to do. (That was what senior year in high school was for) Finally it hit me: napping makes the time pass. I nap away the days when I can, because being awake and actually doing things each day is so much harder. I’m beginning to wonder if it is a side-affect of my depression, or my depression medication. Either way, it’s not exactly a healthy life decision. After all, the I’m-in-college excuse can only last so long.


I should make a nappers anonymous club.

Anyway, I’ll keep you updated on the napping problem. I’m going to get my mom’s advice about it before I resort to the “I nap because of an underlining unhappiness I have in my life and immediately need to seek therapy” explanation. I’m pretty sure I need to get a new hobby, though.

Now that the Vagina Monologues are over I’m going to have to do something else to fill up more of my time. How did it go? Well the performance was great. I had a lot of fun, I got to scream the word “vagina” with about a thousand people, my boyfriend really enjoyed it…it was great. I’ll definitely want to do it again next year. The day of the performance was sort of a day from hell, though. First of all, my boyfriend came into town the night before. We went out and got ice cream, I gave him his Valentine’s Day presents, we fell asleep and cuddled. My roommate kept getting in the way, though. Like when he showed up she had just decided to take a shower, after bitching to me about lost her student I.D. and her boyfriend’s inability to make decent plans. So there she was in a towel when I opened the door to my room. “You can wait out here,” I told my boyfriend as I went inside to grab my purse and coat. “Oh he can come in the room, I don’t mind,” she said. “Um, no, that’s ok.” You’re in a towel! I’m pretty sure your boyfriend would mind if another guy saw you in just a towel, not to mention the fact that I mind if my boyfriend sees you in just a towel! Later, during the cuddling/sleeping portion of the night, there was a knock on the door. It was her,  wanting to get her stuff. That was totally fine, except suddenly she switched roles and acted all modest: “Are you naked? I’ll be quick, I swear! I don’t wanna see you guys naked!” I had opened the door fully clothed, and while my boyfriend had his shirt off, he had shorts on and was under the covers. “We have clothes on,” I told her, but she still walked around shielding her eyes dramatically. Anyway, we went back to bed after she left. Then the next morning there was another wake-up knock on the door. “I have to go to work,” she said. Why didn’t you bring your work clothes with you last night?! Like usual when I was trying to sleep (or go back to sleep in this case) she made no effort to be quiet while racing around the room. My boyfriend shrugged it off, but I was pissed. All week she had been getting on my nerves. Anyway, moving on, we woke up later and had breakfast. Then, when trying to get back up to my room, my I.D. stopped working. Guess what? I had to move dorms, right then and there! Sure, I had planned to move on Sunday afternoon after my boyfriend left, but this was Saturday and my boyfriend was still there and I had rehearsal for the Vagina Monologues at 2pm sharp until 9pm when the show ended. So what did we do? We packed. I walked to the parking garage, got my car, loaded my car, checked into the new dorm, and hauled ass to rehearsal, leaving my boyfriend to move me into my new dorm alone. I was stress crying and hadn’t done my hair or makeup for the show, let alone had time to even think about the show.

But, it happened. And it turned out ok. My boyfriend was being an absolute saint the entire time, and after the show we drove through Taco Bell and quickly passed out from a combination of exhaustion and non-authetic mexican food.

So here I am, almost a week later. The only slightly significant things that have happened are: another close call with stress-crying, getting caught in pouring down rain, lots of naps, and finishing the second season of House of Cards. Tomorrow afternoon Caitlin and I are going home for the weekend, though, so that’s nice. I’m super excited to see my boyfriend and friends, and hope that it won’t go by too fast.

So this is my college life, huh? Something better change fast.



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  1. I have the same napping problem! Glad to know I’m not the only one!


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