Is It Spring Break Yet?

Happy Friday everyone! While some of you fellow students may be impatiently awaiting the end of the day so you can start your spring break, I’m spending my weekend mourning the end of a beloved Netflix series I’ve been obsessing over. Last night I finished the second-to-last episode of The Tudors and I’m so excited and sad to end the series later today. I know the show is historically inaccurate, but I really have this thing for period films and TV series’, and Downtown Abbey isn’t available to stream…what a pity. All of this points to the conclusion that I’m slowly becoming my mother, but that’s ok. We used to watch Project Runway and House Hunters together, and I sometimes I really miss those times. I know she does too, because she can’t do that stuff with Dad or my brother. In a way I kind of feel bad that I don’t live at home anymore because we used to spend so much time together, but I know once I get my own place I’ll invite her over a lot.

But wow, I really got off track there…So yeah, my spring break is next weekend and I can’t wait. I’m not really doing much, just going home and spending time with my friends and boyfriend, but in my book it can’t get better than that. I’ll save going somewhere cool for this summer, when I’ve got more time and hopefully more money. There have been plans tossed around about going to Chicago for a weekend or Vancouver for a music festival. I just want to do something besides work at McDonald’s this summer, which I will probably end up doing…ugh.

What People Expect Spring Break To Be

What People Expect Spring Break To Be

What My Spring Break Will Probably Be Like

What My Spring Break Will Probably Be Like

This weekend I don’t have too much going on. Saturday night I’m hanging out with a few of the girls from my french class last semester, Amelia and Cameron. I’m pretty excited. They both are really chill and artsy, but introverted like me. Amelia is super shy and one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. She grew up in South Africa and has great taste in clothes and music. Cameron is more edgy and quirky. In her house she has a random wall full of pictures of Robert Pattinson, that she decorated for Christmas with little elf hats and antlers. She’s not a fan or anything, either. She also recently buzzed off her hair which I totally wish I had the balls to do, and is a great listener. Together, we all make a weird and fun group. We’ll probably just watch movies and talk, which is more my idea of fun than going out.

But tonight I am going out to the frats with Caitlin. I haven’t been out there since Halloween, and am sorta nervous about being in that scene again. In all reality, it’s sort of boring to be at those parties, but it’s something to do. I just hope I’m not constantly thinking about what it was like last semester. My brief relationship status of an open relationship with my boyfriend is something I hate to think about, and even though I think it is what made us appreciate our relationship so much more (despite the distance), I don’t like to think of what a fool I was. But tonight will be different, because I’m different than I was then. And hopefully it will fun, although I don’t have high hopes. But I’ll be hanging out with Caitlin, so at least there’s that.

I’m just trying to keep a grip on things until next Friday. I want to be on spring break and see my boyfriend so bad…but I guess you have to wait for the worthwhile things. (Even though it sucks. A lot.) Despite that, though, school has gotten better and I know I’ll see my friends back home soon. The semester is drawing closer and closer to its end, and so I’m going to take all the steps I need toward that light at the end of the tunnel.


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