Aliases Used On This Blog

Because this blog is anonymous, I like to use aliases for the people I mention on here. To help you keep them all straight, I’ve compiled a list of aliases and their backstories/relevance on this blog.

Val: my old best friend from childhood. Occasionally we’ll catch up and get involved in shenanigans.

Polly: one of my best friends from high school. We still hang out from time to time.

Ruth: ex-best friend from high school. Our friendship fell apart due to issues with her addiction to heroin.

Charles: my first boyfriend and first love. We dated for only two months, but remained tangled up in each others’ lives for nine. Very big influence on how I view love and relationships.

SirSmokesALot: second boyfriend. Only significance is that I lost my virginity to him.

Landon: guy from high school who I fell hard for, but completely dropped me after we slept together.

Fred: previously the love of my life and best friend. Dated for two years, broke up twice, found out he cheated on me during those two years. (Frequently referred to simply as “my boyfriend” in older posts)

Jack: guy I dated for 2/3 weeks after Fred and I broke up the first time. Broke up with me suddenly.

DukeOfTheLumberjacks: (see post “Once Upon A Douche Bag”) some frat guy I saw off and on for three or so weeks.

Ashley: best friend from high school. We still hang out from time to time.

Caitlin: my roommate and one of my best friends from college. Frequently gives me fantastic advice.

Jessie: my ex-girlfriend/ex-partner who I got involved with during an open relationship period with Fred. We dated for 5/6 months (and then another 3 months later), and had a very serious but tremulous relationship. Frequently called “my ex-girlfriend” or “my partner”. (Old alias was “Eliza”)

Isaac: guy I started seeing after Jessie and I broke up. He broke it off after learning about my depression.

Brendan: only person on my blog who is identified by their real name. One of my best friends from high school.

Sir SmallerThanLife: pretty self-explanatory…see post “Once Upon A Douche Bag”. Basically, a mistake that lasted 2/3 weeks.

Miranda: person Fred cheated on me with during our 2 year relationship. I developed an interesting but brief friendship with them.



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